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Wyvern Historical and Detecting Society


Welcome to the Wyvern Detecting and Historical Society web site. We are a friendly club based in Swindon, Wiltshire, UK. We hold a Monthly Competition for members who attend our meetings. Categories for the competition are Members Own Sites Coin of the Month, Society Search Coin of the Month, Members Own Site Find of the Month, Society Search Find of the Month and Modern Find of the month.

Members are encouraged to bring along all find artefacts for inclusion and identification.

Pictures of these and other finds are posted on this site after the meetings.

Annually in January, we also hold a Find of the Year Competition from the previous year

The Society has secured the use of arable and pasture land soley for searching on by our members on society searches.

We are continually seeking search rights for new arable and pasture land for future society searches.

Club Membership

  • We are not accepting any new membership applications at present

    We are up to maximum strength for membership of the Wyvern Historical and Detecting Society, so cannot accept any new applications at present.

    If you would like to be added to our wait list for new members please email us using the link below. Unfortunately, the waiting list is now quite long and due to the low turnover of members wishing to leave, it will be a few years before a membership place becomes available.

    If you would still like to do so, please fill in your contact details and we will contact you when a place does become available.

    Please Add me to the Wait List

    Membership of the Wyvern Historical and Detecting Society also includes Civil Liability Insurance cover from the National Council for Metal Detecting (NCMD) or some members prefer to use the Federation of Independant Metal Detectors (FID). This type of insurance is compulsory if attending Wyvern and most, if not all, other society searches.

  • Members are able to attend metal detecting searches on land gained by the Wyvern Society and display any finds at our monthly meetings for inclusion in the Finds of the Month and Finds of the Year competitions.

  • Members are able to bring along any unidentified metal detecting finds to our meetings for possible identification by our other members as well as posting pictures of them in the forum for other members to try and identify.

  • Members are able to post into the Society Forum on this site. Members, please use this link to request your forum membership details if you have forgotten them

  • Codes of Practice


    Our Society promotes the following codes of practice and laws: