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Wyvern HDS Contacts

Site Admin   -   siteadmin@wyvernhds.co.uk

Detecting Websites

Detecting.org.uk   -   www.detecting.org.uk

Related Web Sites

Richard Henry, Wiltshire Finds Liason Officer   -   richardhenry@salisburymuseum.org.uk

Hector Cole Iron Work   -   www.evado.co.uk/HectorCole/index.html

Metal Detector Repairs

Minelab Detector Repairs   -   www.metaldetectorrepair.com

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Detector Manufacturers

Minelab   -   www.minelab.com

Fisher   -   www.fisherlab.com

Whites   -   www.whites.co.uk

Detech   -   www.detech-metaldetectors.com/index.php

Garrett   -   www.garrett.co.uk

XP   -   www.xpmetaldetectors.com

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Forums and Auctions

Minelab Owners   -   www.minelabowners.com

Metal Detecting Forum   -   www.metaldetectingforum.co.uk

Detectorist Forum   -   www.detectorist.co.uk

Rally UK   -   www.rallyuk.org.uk

British Metal Detecting   -   www.britishmetaldetectoring.co.uk

Detecting England   -   www.england.com

Detecting Wales   -   www.detectingwales.com


Metal Detecting Auctions   -   www.metaldetectingauction.com


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Coin Wiki (Information on British Coins)  -   www.coinwiki.co.uk

Silbury Coins  -   www.silburycoins.co.uk

Wildwinds  -   www.wildwinds.com

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Rally Organisers

Weekend Wanderers   -   weekendwanderersdetecting.com

Central Searchers   -   www.centralsearchers.co.uk/

Northern England Searchers  -   www.newsearchers.co.uk/

Detecting England   -   www.england.com

Detecting Wales   -   www.detectingwales.com

Metal Detectives   -   www.hiddenhistoryltd.co.uk

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The Searcher   -   www.thesearcher.co.uk

Treasure Hunting   -   www.treasurehunting.co.uk

Relic Hunting   -   www.relic-hunting.com

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Clubs and Organisations

Thames and Field   -   http://sites.google.com/site/thamesandfield/

Trowbridge   -   www.trowbridgemdc.co.uk

Oxford Blues  -   oxfordbluesmdc.co.uk

Northamptonshire Artefact Recovery Club   -   www.narc.org.uk

Berkshire Metal Detecting Club - berkshire-detectorists

National Council for Metal Detecting   -   www.ncmd.co.uk

Federation for Independent Detectorists   -   fid.newbury.net/

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Detector Dealerships

Joan Allen   -   www.joanallen.co.uk/

Leisure Promotions   -   www.leisure-promotions.co.uk

Detecnicks   -   www.detecnicks.co.uk

Crawfords   -   www.crawfordsmd.com

Hidden History - www.hiddenhistoryltd.co.uk

Evergreen optics   -   www.uk-metal-detectors.co.uk

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